Board of Directors and Staff

The Café of Life is served by a dedicated group of volunteers and employees who devote considerable attention to the operation of the Café.


Jeff Nichols, Director
Yadi Munoz, Site Manager
Lety Santos, Outreach Coordinator
Debbie Novaco, Transportation Coordinator
Michael Robinson, Facilities Manager

Our Board of Directors

Marietta Bala, Chairperson
Jay Arend, Building Committee
Scott Arnold, Building Committee
Riley Grandell, Spiritual Leader
Lou Stolz, Insurance
Carol Hedman, Publications
Rae Ann McCall, Secretary
Todd Truax, Public Relations
Fred Weinman, Treasurer
Sue Tracy, Assistant Treasurer
Theresa Moore, Attorney and Historian
Bill Schweikhardt, Attorney
Steve Horvath, Finance
Magdaleno Velasquez, Transportation & Outreach


Volunteer Operations Committee

Marietta Bala

Dannee Barkow

Laura Catan

Doreen Fogerty

Maureen Lorenz

Eliza Nevin

Bev Pierret

Delores Siok

De Simms

Margie Strauser

Kelly Vest

Margery Winsett