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Monthly Spotlight for August: Our Volunteers from Lighthouse Bay

Lighthouse Bay’s feeding team has been a long-time sponsor of the Café and Maddie and her team sponsor a meal every month.

Pictured are the August 17th team consisting of Mary Crowley, Elaine Nathanson, Maddie Botti, Linda White, Sis Wallack and Roseann Kozloff. Thank you for all you do for the Café’s clients!!

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July Photos From Around the Cafe On The Gallery Page

It was very active in July at the Cafe. Take a look at the many photos we have collected


Backpack, School Uniform and Supplies Give-A-Way

On July 28th the Cafe distribution 120 backpacks, school uniforms and supplies and shoes. We thank our sponsors for this wonderful event: Christian Brothers, Bob & Maureen Lorenz, Tom & Deloris Soik, Jan Gough, Eileen Rosenberg, Lee County Sheriff’s Office and Laces of Love.

Check out all the photos on the Gallery Page.

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Monthly Spotlight for July: Our Volunteers from First Presbyterian Church of Bonita Supporting the Cafe’

First Presbyterian Church of Bonita is an extraordinary supporter of the Café both with volunteers and financially and has been for many years. The Café thanks all the church members and leadership for this support. Their feeding team, led by team leaders Donna and Pat recently sponsored a meal as they do every month.

From Left to Right
Back Row: Dan Morton, Donna Tenfelde, Barb Goff, Gayle Geiger, Pat Mett
Front Row: Elaine Morton, Sandy Byington, Marlene Mclaughlin, Jamie Barnette, Joyce Wilhelm

June Photos From Around the Cafe On The Gallery Page

It was very active in June at the Cafe. Take a look at the many photos we have collected


Monthly Spotlight: Our Volunteers from Pelican Landing Supporting the Cafe’

The Pelican (Landing) Café Crew are fabulous supporters and we thank them for all their contributions. Team leader Ann has been bringing the team at least once-a-month for years. Pictured is their June 5th team consisting Sonia Polley, Carmen Hrovat, Sharon Jenkins, Ann Soper, Penny Pritt and Colleen Guinn.

Monthly Feature: Volunteers from the Palmira Community

The Palmira Community feeding team serves once a month year around and has done so for years. The team leaders Phyllis Rusk and Mary Lou Schwartz do a great job organizing the team. Pictured are left to right: Rykker Smith, Tammy Mona, Pattie Badiner, Susan Dawson and Mary Lou – our thanks to you and all the other Palmira residents who support the team. We appreciate you!

Report From Our Director

The Cafe had another outstanding year in 2016, one that included expanding Services and the continuation of the tremendous outpouring from our many committed volunteers and generous donors. In 2016 the Café served just over 20,000 hot meals, provided take-home food and clothing to several thousands and provided $20,000 in direct financial assistance. This was accomplished with four part-time employees and, doing the heavy lifting was the more than 2,000 individual volunteers donating nearly 12,000 hours (the equivalent of 11 additional part-time employees).

Our spectacular donors provided funds sufficient for current operations along with much more in donated food, clothing, household goods, toiletries, etc. Our expanded Services last year included the Outreach Program started in February which reaches those-in-need unable to partake of our Services at Leitner Neighborhood Park. Already in 2017 the Café has added a Transportation Program (see inside article). Our sincere thanks to all of you who enable the Café to make such a positive difference in the lives of so many needy, and to those who haven’t experienced the Café of Life, we invite you to come and visit us.

Jeff Nichols, Director

Staff Profile – Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson has been a staff member with the Café since the sum-mer of 2014, and before that time he was a volunteer, first joining the team when we were still under the banyan tree. Michael became the Café’s first Facility Manager when Leitner Neighborhood Park opened and does an outstanding job of caring for the entire Park. The Park is owned by the City of Bonita but it’s the Café’s responsibility to operate, maintain and fully fund. Michael, like all our staff, is part-time yet always “goes the extra mile” in caring for the Park, as well as, having great interaction with our volunteers and our clients. Michael spent 26 years as a nurse and while looking for-ward to semi-retirement he still wanted to help those less fortunate and is grateful he discovered the Café – it was our great fortune he did!