Letter from Lexxi : The Cafe’ making a difference!

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Cafe of Life has been absolutely life changing for my family. I’m in
disbelief how many resources they have for families going through
a tough time, and how quickly they come to the rescue.

My husband, myself and our 2 year old, were in a terrible car
accident. Up to this point, we were stable and managing our
finances well. However, 5 seconds changed our lives. My husband
fractured his leg and I fractured my wrist. Thankfully our daughter
was uninjured! My husband who works with tile, was unable to
work for 3 months post-surgery. He is the breadwinner in our
home, so being out of work (unpaid) put us in a scary position.
With both parents being injured, we were unable to provide an
income and our small savings was immediately gone.

When our church recommended Cafe of Life, I felt undeserving
and slightly embarrassed that we were in such a vulnerable
position. The Cafe helped us understand that hardships happen,
and that’s why they’re here to help. Because no matter where
you’re at in life, things can change quickly.

We are so very grateful for the help we have received! Cafe of Life
helped us pay rent, and because of this, we had reassurance that
our daughter would still have a roof over her head.

Now, my husband and I are back to work and we are starting to
get our lives back on track and in place, and we can’t wait to “pay
it forward” when our chance comes! This is what Cafe of Life is
all about, giving people time to get back on their feet. Thank you,
Cafe of Life!