Marietta Bala, Board Chairwoman, Enriching Lives

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Dear Friends,
The past year has been a struggle for many but we have survived, thanks to the goodness and generosity of people in the community who gave of their time and energy to help those less fortunate to have their basic needs met.

The Café made sure that those who came to the site had a hot meal and groceries to take home as well as other essential needs as clothing, hygiene
and household products. These things were delivered to poor neighborhoods where people could not come, as well as to migrant camps and to needy Senior’s homes.

The Café’s mission is more than meeting basic needs. Our goal is to enrich lives and provide empowerment. Everyone deserves the opportunity to build a better life. We want to empower the community’s poor to lift themselves out of poverty. Poverty is not just poverty of money. We
see poverty of self-esteem, hope, opportunity, and freedom. People trapped in a cycle of despair often don’t realize their lives can be changed for the better through their own activities. Once they realize this, it is like a light gets turned on. We can help be the light to their world.

We see these changes through the Women’s support groups where the women can talk about their problems and support each other in their accomplishments. There is a sense of pride in learning a new skill in the sewing class and in making something new for their homes. Some
have achieved skills that enable them to have a livelihood. There is a satisfaction in learning cooking skills that help keep their families healthy. Clients appreciate the help that they get and like to give back. Some now show leadership in helping with the operations at the site. Others
help with preparing and delivering groceries to migrant camps. Children are enriched in the music program as they learn a new skill with piano or guitar lessons. Parents are happy with their children’s opportunity and are proud of their accomplishments. There is pride with getting through the immigration process to become a US citizen and being able to vote for the first time.

Others have been helped with a health crisis, to find housing or a job.
We want to help people be more than what they think they are. We can do this by removing obstacles when listening to their needs and by providing opportunities when hearing their dreams. This is made possible through the loving service and support of our volunteers and donors.

Thank you for being a part of our mission to help better lives and our community.

“Therefore encourage one another and build up
each other as indeed you are doing”

1Thessalonians 5:11

Marietta Bala, Chairperson
Board of Directors, Café of Life

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