Marietta Bala, Board Chairwomen – Fall 2023 Newsletter: “25 Years of Growth”

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Dear Friends,

It’s been five years since our 20th Anniversary
letter. How we have grown since then!
We have been blessed in our journey as we work
through God’s grace to help more families living
with hardships. With new innovative programs,
we seek to bring an end to family’s hunger and
poverty and are building lives through enrichment.
Outreach has added new communities where not
only basic needs are met, but also the mobile
library provides books and games and even
computer training during visits.

Health services are provided through many
partners who teach classes in health, nutrition
and dental hygiene to adults and children. The
Premier Mobile Medical team provides medical
and wellness exams to those with no health care.
The music program has grown with adding more
students and new instruments including teaching
violin to six-year-olds. Other children are
enriched with camp experiences that included art
and swim lessons.

Six students have been successful in advancing
their education through the assistance of a
scholarship, choosing studies in pre-med,
nursing, veterinarian, MBA consulting, and
professional welding and pipefitting. Some have
completed their studies while others are ongoing.
Some women are provided tutoring so as to earn
a GED. Children who are behind in class are
tutored to improve their skills. A financial literacy
class is available for adults through a partnership.
Immigrants seeking citizenship are assisted with
paperwork and tutoring for the exam.

Through partnership with like-minded
organizations, we team together to provide
services that reduce duplication of efforts.
Collaboration improves the way we effectively
work together for the good of the community.
Each day presents us with an opportunity
to grow, and we have courage to rise to the
challenge. The Lord will guide us continually
(Isaiah 58:11). We have the ability to visualize
and create new experiences.

Our dear volunteers and donors, we cannot do
this life changing work without you. We believe
each and every person deserves the opportunity
to build a better life and you are helping us
make that a reality. Thank you for your faith in
us and for all that you do on behalf of families
in our community. We are one, united in God’s
word, and together we can help bring lives to a
better place.

With Blessings and Gratitude,
Marietta Bala, Chairperson
Board of Directors, Café of Life

“Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due
when it is within your power to act.”

Proverbs 3:27

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