Sue Tracy, Long-Time Board Member Retires

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Sue Tracy came to the Café of Life in 2002 when she joined a cooking team. She saw the need for and started the Operations Committee comprising of 5 ladies who were the decision makers and managers of all operations. She joined the Board of Directors in 2004 and assumed the role of treasurer. Sue was a dedicated worker who remained active with managing finances and helping with the mission of the Cafe.

Many hours were spent searching for a site before finding the Leitner Park site. Whenever there was a project, she was there to help. The Café of Life’s motto of “Caring, Sharing, Serving,” fits Sue; her warm, kind spirit has touched many lives.

Sue, lost her beloved husband, John in June. John was one of the pioneers of the Café. He was on the building committee that planned the Leitner Park site and the Woman’s Club building. John could always be counted on
to be there for any project that was taking place. He was a big supporter and helpmate to Sue and worked beside her in all her projects that added to the Café’s success. We appreciate all that they have done for the Café.

They will be greatly missed!!


  1. John and Sue Tracy are national treasures.
    My heart breaks to hear about John, and their presence will assuredly be missed.

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